Henry Hintze, MDT, RDT - Masters Dental Technician, Educator, Advisor.

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Henry Hintze

Experience: Owner of multiple successful labs in Canada and Europe.
Mr. Henry Hintze began an active career and studies in dental technology in Hamburg Germany more than 38 years ago. Later, he enhanced his chair-side knowledge at a German military hospital which presented him with a dental clinical environment.

Education: Masters Degree in Dental Technology; Dentistry at University of Hamburg.

There was no stopping Mr. Hintze as he focused his energies on excellence in the field. While earning a Masters Degree in Dental Technology, he opened his own dental lab in the early eighties. Several years later, he would enroll as a part time student in Dentistry at the University of Hamburg. At this time, he joined an implant research team for a Japanese company. And, in the early nineties, he served as an active member of the German Branemark Study Club which focused on advancement of implant applications in dentistry.

Lecturer and Educator: Taught Dental Technology in Europe, throughout Canada and the US Eastern Seaboard and was an educator for Dental Technology at the Nova Scotia Institute of Technology in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
In 1994, Mr. Hintze immigrated with his family to Canada. In 2000, he was asked to teach Dental Technology at the Nova Scotia Institute of Technology. He also became co-partner of a large local dental lab (United Dental). It was in these roles he trained and guided young technicians in the art of producing enhanced implant technologies. 
Henry Hintze lectured across Canada and the US Eastern Seaboard in recent years. His lectures were focused on modern technologies and collaborating between lab and dental office for patient-centered outcomes. His audience was dental technicians and dentists. Henry has also lectured for dental technology companies.

Specialized and quality focused: Mr. Hintze wanted to focus on a specialty lab and branched off and opened Masters Dental Lab in 2006. Masters is a specialty lab for fixed and removable implants. 

Masters Dental Lab’s niche is Trusted Safe Customer-Service Solutions: Experienced Trusted Advisor; Professionally Certified and Safe; Customer Focused Service excellence; and advice on Dental Solutions from a wider tool kit of Dental Technologies. With more than 38 years in the industry as a lab owner, Mr. Hintze is obviously committed to excellence in dental technology and he is your ideal partner. ​