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When you smile, we smile

"Individual commitment to a group effort-
-that is what makes a team work, 
a company work, a society work, a civilization work."

​- Vince Lombardi

Maureen Murray, Denture Department and the Front End Office Manager

  • Trained as apprentice since 2010 – under Hintze, MDT [educator]. Her education includes: partial, complete and implant dentures, as well as other technical skills.
  • Trained in the art and techniques of dental technology. Maureen is naturally artistic and has developed great technical skills over the years.
  • Focused on customer service strategy and social networking.
  • Worked for nearly a decade in an array of technical specialty areas.

What drives Maureen?: She is highly focused on ‘The Customer Experience!’ She believes the customer comes first. She is committed to putting out a quality product for the patient to enhance the quality of their lives. She knows, ‘When the patient has a great smile, our clients are happy too’.

At Masters Dental Lab: We are here to work for you!

Dohyung Kang, Senior Crown and Bridge Technician and CAD-CAM

  • Graduated from the Nova Scotia Institute of Technology, in Dental Technology.
  • Experienced: Nearly 2 decades of experience in the industry and has worked across Canada. And studied Fine Arts in Korea.
  • Specialized in crown and bridge, implants, CAD-CAM Scanning.
  • Committed to continuing education for advanced complex cases with CAD-CAM, Dentsply Sirona

What inspires Dohyung?: His ‘love of challenges and adventure, as well as strong family ties’.

Amrei Hintze, Front End Office Manager and Cerec CAD-CAM Specialist

  • Graduated from Dalhousie University, B.A.
  • Trained in chair-side assistance for one year, with a well known local dentist. In the dental field for several years.
  • Committed to continuing education for advanced complex cases with CAD-CAM, Dentsply Sirona.
  • Experienced in multiple languages. For our Canadian clients, she speaks in both official languages.

What motivates Amrei?: She ‘enjoys the technical challenges, working with her hands and mastering CAD-CAM technology for optimal patient outcomes’.

Our Team

Cherri Ingram – Senior Ceramist

  • Graduated from the Nova Scotia Institute of Technology, with honours in Dental Technology.
  • Completed Certified Dental Technician [CDT] in both ceramics and orthodontics post graduation, through the Nova Scotia Dental Technology Association.
  • Focused on advancing her qualifications and abilities to make customers happy with the results.
  • Experienced: Nearly 2 decades of experience in the industry in labs in Halifax, Canada.
  • Committed to continuing education and active study in the field.

What motivates Cherri?: She ‘enjoys new challenges and restoring a patient’s happy smile’. She also ‘enjoys a trip to the garden or a motorcycle ride to finish the day'.

Barbara Christina, Strategic Business Advisor and Customer Experience Leader

  • University graduate, Consumer Economics degree, with honours and thesis.
  • Decades of leadership, research and experience in both the private and public sectors.

What motivates her?: 'Evaluating the micro and macro economics surrounding a business and translating this knowledge into best practices for all areas of the business'.

Henry Hintze, MDT, RDT, Owner Masters Dental Lab 

As a Masters Dental Technician, Henry is the ideal Trusted Advisor. 
The Masters Dental Technology degree is a comprehensive educational program which covers all specialty fields within advanced dental technology, customer service, business and chair-side training.

  • Earned a Masters Dental Technology degree, Hamburg Germany 
  • Studied Dentistry at University of Hamburg, Germany 
  • Taught dental technology at Nova Scotia Institute of Technology
  • Lectured for dental technology labs and dentists audiences on behalf of dental supply companies.
  • Lectured alongside dentist- partners to demonstrate the benefits of collaborative efforts between dentist and lab.
  • Committed to continuing education in dental technology and dentistry
  • Committed to membership with study clubs and professional organizations
  • Dental Lab owner/leader for nearly 4 decades, in both Europe and Canada. 

As a Masters Dental Technician, with years of experience, Henry shares his knowledge with others, at every opportunity; he is a Lecturer, Teacher, Educator, Writer, Advisor.

What is Henry’s mission: ‘To help dentists solve their patients’ oral challenges through access to a vast tool kit of dental technology solutions'.