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​​​A hot topic in Dentistry today is Airways. 

An Airway course taught by Dr DeWitt Wilkerson is invaluable!

About the course:
 Today, dental professionals can play a key role in identifying and addressing several factors of accelerated aging and chronic health conditions that affect total health. This lecture course will address the common links between bruxism, dental wear and malocclusion, headaches, dysfunctional breathing, sleep apnea, inflammation, gastric reflux, ADHD and TMD that are rarely recognized in the medical community.

A revolutionary paradigm shift has begun in dentistry that will forever change the profession. Amidst a struggling health care environment, dental teams are learning skills to significantly impact the total health of their patients and community. Integrative Dental Medicine (IDM) is the next great frontier in Dentistry. The IDM Models has 3 major areas of focus: Inflammation/Infection – Oral pathogens’ Systemic Affects, Pro-inflammatory Diet, Gastric Reflux, Stress, Toxins, Physical Inactivity. Airway/Breathing Disorders – Sleep Apnea, Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome (UARS), Allergies, Nasal vs Mouth Breathing. TMD/Occlusion Disorders – Bruxism, Abfractions, Breathing Related Malocclusions, Tongue Thrusts, Sore Muscles, Headaches, Joint Derangements..

Course Info:

2-Part Live Stream: Airway, Inflammation & TMD - The Critical Connection

Instructed by Dr. DeWitt Wilkeson

Target Audience: General Dentists and the dental team
Course Times: 9 AM – 5 PM
Course Dates: Part 1 Friday, October 30, 2020
Part 2 Friday, December 4, 2020
CE Credits: 14

What you will learn:

  • Experience the paradigm shift in understanding the role and opportunity for dentistry to change lives, thereby improving the health of your patients, community, family and your practice.
  • Know the tools available for screening, testing and diagnosing airway and systemic health problems.
  • Learn the 7 screening questions that will determine the dental medical stability of your patients.
  • Utilize a comprehensive “Integrative Dental Medicine Checklist” to simplify the learning and implementation of the concept.
  • Develop new treatment planning strategies to improve airway including expanding dental arches.
  • Gain the confidence to incorporate new screening, testing and diagnosing airway and systemic health problems.
  • Know that it is not necessary to sacrifice dental occlusal principles to improve and resolve airway issues.
  • Recognize how systemic inflammation, airway-breathing disorders and TMD-malocclusions are linked.
  • Describe the impact of the 4Bs (Bacteria, Bite, Breathing, Body) on oral-systemic health.
  • Explore the evidence for relationships between inflammation/infection/periodontal disease, high risk pathogens, and whole-person health concerns such as atherosclerosis, pancreatic cancer, diabetes and pregnancy complications.
  • Describe oral and systemic “deflammatory” lifestyle modification treatment protocols.

LiveStream course with our educational partner - The Dawson Academy

How to register

Course Info: 2-Part Live Stream: Airway, Inflammation & TMD - The Critical Connection

Course cost for dentist is $850 US. It has been discounted by $200 US for our dentist /partners.

Please use the discount code "mastersdental2020" at checkout.

Team Member Price: $850

**BOGO: Register 1 team member, bring another for free!

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Airway Inflammation & TMD - The Critical Connection - Oct 30th & Dec 4th, 2020

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