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We are your specialty lab for dental implants, major/restorative & complex cases.

Masters Dental Lab employees are highly skilled dental professionals, with an emphasis on service, support and education, as the basis of our quality work and problem solving skills.

We are implant leaders, with decades of experience, we offer a Best Dental Technology Solution Guarantee for all complex oral challenges: We recommend the top 3 best solutions for your patient, when you need it. 


  • Know the options
  • Know benefits and risks of each option
  • More choices
  • More confidence when dealing with complicated oral challenges.
  • Save you time
  • Greater rate of acceptance and
  • Delight your patient

We will collaborate with you to deliver on the common goal of meeting your patient's oral needs

Your dental patient will get our full attention from assessment, recommendation, treatment planning through to best patient outcomes. With our communications and digital technologies, we serve you anywhere: Atlantic Canada, Central Canada, the Prairie Provinces, the West Coast and the Northern Territories. Contact us today.

Best Technology Solutions

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Welcome to Masters Dental Lab. We are your best resource in dental technology. We offer more than traditional production labs. We help solve complex oral challenges, with our dentists.

  • COMPLEX CASES - We are an industry leader in assessing dental patients who have complex oral challenges and in identifying the Best Dental Technology Solutions to solve these challenges. 
  • DIGITAL - We are Masters in Dental Technology. We we are fully digital. With our technologies, you and your patient will feel like we are in the dental office with you. 
  • SUPPORT/RESOURCES - Our mission is to leverage skills, resources and people to best support the dental industry, our dentist/partners and their patients - who are at the heart of all we do. 
  • EDUCATION - We are partnered with an educational leader - The Dawson Academy to promote education in the dental industry.


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