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Masters Dental Technician (MDT)

The Masters Dental Technician (MDT Zahntechnikermeister), MDT, is an internationally recognized dental technology degree. The bearer may work on all specialty areas within advanced dental technology, customer service, business ownership and trusted advisor. 

One must successfully complete a theory exam and a practical exam to be permitted into masters school. Academic expectations are set very high.

To earn a Masters Dental Technician degree, one must:

  •  Complete eight years dental technology studies to learn specified techniques for all technologies available in the field. They must demonstrate an aptitude and interest in the ongoing awareness and use of emerging technologies 
  • The focus of the MDT education encourages students to also look at the bigger picture versus the individual parts. This skill is important for full mouth restorations, large complex or challenging cases or treatment planning.

A successful MDT completes the following:

  • ​Theory: Extensive classroom education and theory
  • Practicum with a specialized master technician educator/lecturer.
  • Practicum and chair-side with dentists and prosthodontists. 
  • Apprenticeship: Government mandated apprentice program with a certified dental laboratory; to gain practical experience with every appliance available in dental technology.
  • Meet or exceed academic expectations: Blend classroom theory with practical learning
  • Two week final exam and two weeks of written theory exam.
  • Ongoing continuing education and training: MDTs are expected learn further skills of current and upcoming technologies and best practices. 

An MDT must practice according to the laws that govern health professionals and practice according to the high standards expected by their professional degree.