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You chose us as your Preferred Partner because:

You know we can recommend Best Technology Solutions

  • You have access to treatment planning with a larger tool kit of dental technology options to better meet your patient’s needs and wants, for complex cases.
  • You have a partner who has nearly 4 decades of training and experience which means your patient, with complex oral challenges, can be presented with well-assessed options for better outcomes.

Masters Dental Lab, MDT, RDT, is your preferred partner.

You have access to Trusted Advice in dental technology 

  • You have a partner who has years of experience and wisdom and can offer you quality solutions for complex cases.
  • You have a Trusted Advisor who is available to you on short notice and who is educated and skilled at chair-side.
  • You get more service at Masters Dental Lab: You get expert advice and support from a Masters Dental Technician, as well as the finished product for your patients: Products Plus More!

Why Choose Us?

We have the Masters Dental Technician Advantage!

You are assured that we are Customer-Centric

  • You can be assured that we follow and adhere to the rules and requirements set out in the health care act.
  • You are a valued client and we offer you Trusted*Safe*Service*Solutions.
  • You care for your patients and you can trust we will take care of them too.

You can rely on Safe and Certified technicians

  • You can rely on our skilled technician team who collaborate together. They have the education, skills, official certifications and safety training to deliver quality results.
  • You may find a reduction in excessive chair times and returns: We often deliver solutions that address your patients’ needs more efficiently, due to our training and experience.