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Partials and Dentures

Trusted Advice: We are experienced. We are accessible to you when you need us. As a loyal client, we are here for you. 

Treatment Planning: We offer complex patient case support: It is our pleasure to help you early in the treatment planning process when you begin to assess complex patient needs. We can plan with you, from beginning to end; small or large, simple or complex. 

We offer trusted advice to our loyal customers.

CAD/CAM and Digital Impressions

Single Crowns

Masters is your Trusted Advisor

Design to Fit Any and All: All denture combinations to fit patient’s unique needs.

Our Products, Services and Solutions

Complex Custom, Combination and Aesthetic Cases

Crown and bridge attachments and specialty telescopic or conical crowns.

What we do for our dentist-clients and their patients:
We offer Trusted Safe Service Solutions and extensive treatment planning for any case.

To the Masters Dental Technician expert, the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

We do not just offer parts.

Product Solutions
We can offer you and array of end-to-end solutions for your patient’s dental challenges, by drawing from a larger tool kit of dental technology options in collaboration with you. Our forte is major, restorative and implant dentistry.

Complementary Trusted Services
We have a calling and a passion for creating simple or complex dental technology solutions while leveraging our Masters-level dental technology expertise.

We offer trusted advice, treatment planning and chair-side assistance.

We aim to recommend the best technological solutions available today so you can deliver the desirable and quality results that your patients have come to expect from you.

Masters Dental Lab delivers the following dental technologies, customer solutions and services:

Implant Denture

Crown and Bridge

Complex implant restorations and removable implant restorations – able to deliver all implant systems.


Masters Dental Lab is working with the newest technologies. All products, services and solutions can be delivered with CAD/CAM, if this is your preference. All digital impressions are welcome if they are in STL file.

Unique tailoring and design to fit the requirements and needs of any patient.

Partial Denture

Chair-Side Assistance: Have a customer in the chair? Do have a question regarding dental technology solutions for complex patient challenges?

We are available to you.

  1. Call Us: You can call us for guidance.
  2. Visit You: We can come to your office for a patient’s appointments.
  3. Send Images: You can send us pictures, models and/or digital images so we can assess the case.

Complete Denture